What Comedians Are On Their Way To Replace Kevin Hart In The Comedy White House?


Kevin Hart the little BIG MAN of comedy. Little as in statute, BIG as in on the big screen BIG as in getting the BIG roles, big as in-BIG box office. Kevin has solidified himself as the President of the comedy with $ 100 million movie after $ 100 movie. The 5′ 4″ BMOC (Big Man Of Comedy) has also dropped some great performances from his silver screen duos with “Ricky Bobby” himself, the great Will Ferrell, to riding along with NWA legend and now super duper producer, the legendary Ice Cube, to dropping those double takes that only Kevin Hart can do while working with The Rock in the CIA comedy caper “Central Intelligence.” Kevin has steadily moved up the comedy food chain in Hollywood, becoming comedic POTUS of the world of laughter. The BIG question is who are the best comedians looking to move from the funnyman VP spot to the comic Commander in Chief?



Saturday Night Live veteran Jay Pharoah looks to be a top contender for the top spot. Wicked with his impressions of President Obama, Denzel Washington, and the always loquacious Stephen A. Smith of ESPN, Jay is now making the jump from the Big Apple to big Hollywood with four starring movie roles over the next year. The big question is will the big move make or break Mr. Pharoah? Can he do what few have done- translate the funny from the small screen to the big screen? It is a matter of if Jay Pharoah the comic, can become Jay Pharoah the comedic actor. Doing a one hour show of skits vs delivering a movie where it is YOU that makes or breaks a $ 50 million production is quite a different thing. Can Jay handle the pressure, can he put asses in seats in the movie theaters in sufficient numbers to become a Hollywood star? That is the $ 100 million question. I lay money on he can pull it off. The timing is right and the talent is right.


Aziz Ansari is another from TV to the big screen comic. He was great in long running hit show “Parks and Recreation” and is murderous with the stand up. Aziz is that comic that gives you the impression that there is always more going on inside his head than he is letting you know. He has the unique ability to insult you for what you missed, while making you laugh at yourself all at the same time. Aziz is definitely a thinking man’s comic, with the right look and the right skills. The big question comes back to can he pull off holding an audience’s attention in the next ” Wedding Crashers” or the next “Rush Hour?” Does he have what Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson delivered in the not-one-bad-second-in-the-whole-movie comedy masterpiece that “Wedding Crashers” is? Aziz has the chops, has that Eddie Murphy like cool, but does he have that something special, more importantly is he that someone special with big enough comedic feet to step into the shoes of Eddie Murphy, Steve Martin, or Jim Carey at their best? Smell that? Smells like money, big money…dropping right into till at the local Cineplex at Aziz’s next movie. Trust me, Mr. Ansari is going to be just fine you can bet on it.


Timing is everything when it comes to success, and especially in comedy. You either have that comedic clock to drop that line or that look at the right moment or you don’t. The comic with the best timing out there right now, is also the comic with the most trailblazing work-Amy Schumer…not even close. She’s already dropped a $ 100 million plus box office hit with “Trainwreck,” while starring in the Comedy Central double entendre titled “Inside Amy Schumer,” and it appears she is just getting started. There are things that foretell greatness, the kind of greatness that Kevin Hart has exhibited on the big screen, the kind of greatness that Bob Newhart and British comedy represents (funny without one word of profanity), and the kind of greatness that the really good laugh masters deliver. Amy gives you that impression of impending greatness. She has the required complete and utter contempt for stupid people, and strangely enough, all the stupid people just happen to be MEN. She is to comedy what an H-bomb is to, well bombs. You never know exactly what you are going to get, but you know you are going to feel some heat.

The key to Amy Schumer’s success on the big screen and taking her seat in the big chair in the Oval Office of comedy is stopping Hollywood honchos from ruining what already works. Amy is like the company Apple, they got it all figured out, and if you leave them alone and don’t ruin what works, everyone is going to walk away laughing…all the way to the bank. Left to her own unfiltered attacks on society’s ills means she becomes Empress Amy Schumer, big screen comedy legend. It’s like the first time I saw her doing her standup routine, and didn’t know who she was, I got the same feeling from her killer straight razor humor that I got when I first saw the late great guitar hero Stevie Ray Vaughn rewrite blues guitar. Man, they both are good! If Amy and the other comics only take one thing away from Kevin Hart’s success, let it be the words of wisdom he dropped when talking about his own career. As the silver screen giant said, “I found out people don’t want to work as hard as I do for success.” Burn that into your comedic soul’s young up and comers. What Mr. Hart knows is this, plenty of people have talent, very few have the focus, the drive, and the WORK ETHIC to get it. As I will take a street PHD over a Harvard PHD any day, I will take career selfishness over career carelessness. If they can’t keep up with you Amy, then they can look at your ass as you pass them by…which is exactly what the fans want!?



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