Comedy Hype’s First Ever Digital Cover Featuring 12 Of Atlanta’s Most Talked About Comedians

We here at Comedy Hype are proud to release our first-ever digital cover. For us we couldn’t do it any other way but to spotlight a city we’ve seen first-hand become a recognized comedy town. Welcome To Atlanta.


To make it in Atlanta, comedians have to be entertainers and entrepreneurs. “I’m out here slanging jokes” is more than something Atlanta comedians say to one another. Slanging jokes is being your own writer, director, producer, marketing and sales person. Slanging jokes is staying out late, flocking to one of many open mics overflowing Atlanta just for stage time. Slanging jokes is working for a feature, the opportunity to tour with a comedy favorite or a chance at making it to the big screen. Slanging jokes is bringing in your own income, putting food on the table and paying bills. For comedians in Atlanta, Slanging jokes is their business mold.

In our first-ever digital cover, we feature twelve of Atlanta’s most talked about comedians who are extremely funny and smart when it comes to business. They are respected as much for getting laughs as they are business savvy. These comedians have shaped the Atlanta comedy scene and are raising the bar. They organize, promote and perform. Their killer acts are timeless and their grind is unstoppable.


Ronnie Jordan is like an engine with his ability to constantly develop material. He reaches back, bringing along younger up and coming acts on his college tours.  The Atlanta-bred comedian is known for being one of the most booked and touring comedians for years. Recently Ronnie has turned on his entrepreneur endeavors by launching a t-shirt line Blessed AF; this move alone captures the essence you will see in most Atlanta comedian’s go-getter attitudes.


K Dubb is easily one of the most talked about comedians when traveling to Atlanta. His comedy brand has grown even more when he joined the cast of TI’s Family Hustle series on VH1.  K Dubb first hit the scene in the early 2000’s with features on previous stand-up shows. He has several TV appearances, a real cool vibe and most iconic for taming his fan base. K Dubb is someone that’s funny, likes to talk sh*t and commands his audience. He stays late after shows pushing comedy albums, moves with a team, and has single handily helped laid a foundation for stand-up comedians today in Atlanta.


Shawty  Shawty is Atlanta! He is someone who did it all as a working comedian in Atlanta. If you miss the rawness that Def Comedy Jam once provided then Shawty is the comedian for you. Shawty is one of the few remaining comics that tells it like it is when hosting open mics. If a comic does bad, he’ll address it in front of the audience and make them laugh even harder. It’s comics like Shawty that the game needs. Currently he shares the airwaves with rapper Young Joc on Streetz 94.5 every morning.


Lace Larrabee can hang with the best of them. A regular host of some of the city’s most enjoyed comedy events; Lace is the lady heavyweight in the game. She headlines shows across the country, starred in a commercial, and makes comedy work for her. The stand-up comedian also co-hosts a creative show called Backstory in Atlanta which encourages comedians to tell their best stories on stage.


Marvin Hunter does more than tell jokes, he tells stories. Hunter comes from the old school. He’s cool & confident, with a easily noticed presence. When it comes to comedians who deeply care about the craft; Marvin is that guy. If something needs to be addressed, Marvin is that guy. In comedy there is a place for the more seasoned comedians as they leave a few jewels along their way. Marvin Hunter has been able to perfectly balance his previous generation roots with the new game played today.


With a name like Wellington Juku, how can you not stand-out and be unique. Wellington is one of the most wholesome comics on the list. That’s not to say he only does clean comedy. Being raised by a God fearing first generation African immigrant and having an army background are reason’s why Juku can be so diverse. His ability to imitate people of different cultures and tell stories through their perspectives brings his jokes to life. He’s honest and most of all, humble. You can tell when a comic truly loves what they’re doing by how they perform in front of 10 people and how they perform in front of 100 or 1,000 people. Wellington consistently delivers the same energy and engagement with his audience.


Joel Byars is extremely versatile. This guy does white rooms, black rooms, classrooms and if it were approiate, he might even host a show in a bathroom. Byars isn’t afraid to try out anything and if doesn’t work the first time, he’ll try it again. He came up like most, performing at open mics but he was one of few never scared to venture to different venues and perform in front of different crowds. Joel generates those type of laughs where you think, “I can’t believe he just said that” or “how did he come up with that.” He currently host one of the longest running open-mic comedy night in Dectur, GA at The Java Monkey. Byars is also well known for his “Hot Breath Podcast” where he has one-on-one interviews with a variety of comics and his stand-up comedy classes.


Lavar Walker worked the comedy circuit for several years before making it to TV. Well before being featured on Shaq’s All Star Comedy Jam; Walker was a big dog on the comedy scene. Coming up, Walker became known for his spot on T.I. impersonation. He has since moved away from doing that bit but it will always be a part of Atlanta comedy history. As a native to Chicago, Walker keeps a fire sense of humor. Pharmacist by day, joke slinger by night, Walker is a staple in the Atlanta comedy scene.


Kiana Dancie is a show stopper, awesome comic and business woman. She is funny, sexy, and a boss! Dancie takes her work seriously and makes sure her jokes are no different. In a male dominated industry Kiana has been holding her own for years. As an ongoing host at Atlanta’s Comedy Theater; Kiana represents the pace of the Atlanta comedy scene all while keeping it lady-like.


You’ll never see Tyler Chronicles aka #TheChronicComic go more than 5 minutes without laughing or making those around him laugh. On stage he comes off the dome with original perspectives and might say something so clever you’ll think an insult was a compliment. Raised in LA, Tyler’s West Coast styles and vibes makes him very unique in Atlanta. He influences Atlanta comics as much as Atlanta has influenced him. Tyler is always making moves collaborating with fellow comics and doing work for a variety of outlets. Currently he hosts weekly content with Bossip. Tyler inspires younger comedians and uplifts those that take the time to listen


David Perdue is a quiet leader of the younger generation of comics in the comedy scene. Ametuer comics respect and look to Perdue as if he were much more beyond his years. You can tell by his material he’s a conscious comic and if you catch him off stage, he’s either being very observant or blessing amatuer comics with a bit of his wisdom. Perdue has natural wit and has always been funny since taking up stand-up. He’s great at cranking out new material, covering topical news stories, and catering to every audience throughout the city.


On the comedy scene, Double D is extremely known for his boldness and readiness to crack jokes even on fellow comics.When Double D arrives, comics know they better be prepared to engage in a joning session or accept being the butt end of his jokes. He embraces the spirit of comedy and loves to perform everywhere even places where some may fear. He represents several eras of the Atlanta comedy scene and does it all with a smile on his face. 

Atlanta’s entertainment industry is thriving; it churns out artists like chicken laying eggs. The comedy scene is immensely growing with rooms and new acts. The comedians we present to you have founded and are leading this trend. For these Atlanta local moguls, “slanging jokes” is their way of life.


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