5 Historic Comedy Memorabilia Items We Would Buy If We Won At The Casino

Plenty of people are taking up interest in purchasing classic, one of a kind memorabilia nowadays. For many owning culturally iconic items represents a better investment than traditional savings and shares, with the price tag for the most in demand props skyrocketing in recent years. The problem is that even the more obscure items will cost a pretty penny! Sure a good run of luck at All Jackpot Online Casino will set you well on the way, but be prepared to pay an arm and a leg for the top ticket items.

Much as we’d all like to own Marilyn Monroe’s white dress, or the original model of the first King Kong, fact is that it’s unlikely they’ll be released to market any time soon. However comedy – that most timeless forms of entertainment – still offers a number of advantages over mainstream cinema/entertainment. Fact is that people tend to stay loyal to their favorite comics for a lifetime, meaning that there’s always going to be demand and solid appreciation in value. So assuming money is no object – here’s a top five (personal) selection of which items of comedy memorabilia anyone would love to slam on an AMEX Black Card!

Robin William’s Rainbow Suspenders

The much loved Robin Williams was one of those rare comedians who could just pull a joke from the air seemingly at will. Widely considered as one of the most genuine and kindest comedians ever to have graced stage or screen, the rainbow colored suspenders worn by Mork became synonymous with the great man’s work. After his death in 2014 it was no surprise to see many fellow comedians don a replica pair in tribute to his work and the incredible legacy he left behind. It’d be near impossible to even guess the potential value of the original $ 10 suspenders, but demand would be global and the price likely into seven figures.

Groucho Marx’s Disguise Glasses

Anyone who knows their comedy history will appreciate the huge contribution made by the Marx Brothers. Often credited with adding colorful innuendo to classic slapstick routines, a key prop was without question Groucho’s ‘disguise’ glasses that came complete with an over-sized nose piece and thick, bushy mustache and eyebrows. When combined with the trademark funny walk and deployed in situations which for the time were rather risque, these are a truly one of a kind collectible. There’s plenty of cheap imitations out there – testimony to how iconic this item is – but if they can be traced, they’d run well into seven or maybe even eight figures.

Tommy Cooper’s Fez

The classic British comedian literally wrote the rule book when it came to mid 20th Century British comedy, his particular style ad character endearing him to fans from across the globe. His kindly yet also subversively playful comedy often saw him don his famous Fez – usually for absolutely no reason besides it made him look simply ridiculous – and caused audiences to fall into hysterics. Most recently sold at auction for just under £5000 in 2010, this is a more budget friendly prop yet one any Cooper fan would absolutely love to add to their collection.

Charlie Chaplin’s Hat & Cane

Given Chaplin’s incredible popularity back in the day, it may come as a surprise to learn that when these items most recently came up for auction they didn’t come close to $ 100k. Fashions change and modern humor is a world away from the high energy slapstick associated with Charlie’s golden years, but it’s still a surprising low price for such a unique item. That being said there’s few other pieces of comedy memorabilia that are still capable of such cultural resonance.

The Cheers Bar Counter

The whereabouts – or even still existence – of the bar from Cheers would be an incredibly collectible item. The good news is that those who could afford the price tag will likely have a room at home large enough to fit it! Cheers still resonates as one of the true benchmarks of long running comedy serials, and remarkably still continues to gain new fans many years after the final episode was aired (which remains one of the most viewed shows in TV history). Where better to kick back and enjoy a beer with friends than propping up perhaps the most famous bar top in the history of popular culture?

What would you buy? 

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